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August 07, 2012


hearing aids North London

Imagine taking your child to a pre school screening and they fail the hearing test. The person administering the test will likely tell you not to worry. Perhaps she sees this all the time. Children don’t test well when they’re distracted. But then you find yourself noticing that your child doesn’t always hear people the first time. You dismiss it. The following year is the kindergarten screening, and the person from child development tells you your child is not hearing within normal ranges.


She'll do just fine Mom! You've done a great job and now you'll see just how well! Good Luck! Great to you see you the other day.

Lily's Mom

Thanks Linda. Great to see you too!!


I'm very concerned that Lily will not be able to advocate for herself. The shy introvert that she is... I'm thinking she may sit quietly in the corner, away from all activity. We'll keep a good thought.

I have to go now. My tongue is stuck in my cheek :-)

Remember to take Kleenex with you on Tuesday!

Lily's Mom

I appreciate you Philip. I appreciate your comments and how you always make sure I know you are joking. Thank you!

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