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June 14, 2009



we have such a hard time keeping monrovia's coils on in the i feel like car rides become lost time. :( any tips/tricks on keeping them on?

Lily's Mom

Yes, Lily always wears a Hanna Andersson organic cotton pilot cap in the car. I won't leave without it. We call it her travel hat and the CIs do not typically fall off at all when she is wearing one. Our audiologist said they've tested CIs with the hats on and there is no decrease in sound quality. Lily started wearing the hats with her hearing aids. It's become part of her look. She even requests a hat when we get into the car. You can immediately make car time into productive language learning time.

Laurence Modithre

Lily reminds me of the four-year-old Korean girl I've watched on YouTube two years ago, who danced so cute while singing to the tune of Wonder Girls' "Nobody But You". That’s why I'd like to add this to your last phrase: That a car can also be a milestone in life.

Delsie Maidens

Nice, it must have been wonderful to make driving outdoors as your bonding time with your lovely girl! I wish to see her how she actually sings in tune with the background music. =) why don’t you try capturing it or record a video of her performance? Hehehe…

Nicole Vickers

Hahaha! Singing along in the car with your family or friends is fun! Yes! Yes! =D My friends and I used to do this every time we were out of town, and our ultimate road trip song is…“The Wanderer” by OAR. We really love singing it aloud while we’re driving down the road! :))

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