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August 17, 2010


Diane Nielsen

Good thing I wasn't there. I would have been crying more than she was. We're so proud of her. Miss her and give her kisses.


Hi im visiting from Aussie deaf kids,
Lily certainly looks excited about her big day!!
You did well only having a few tears, I am afraid I would be a wreck!!
My lil Caitlyn is 3 and we will be starting the preschool journey next year, she has only really begun to get her confidence in playgroup in the last 2-3 visits ( been going for a morning for almost a year!) our itinerant deaf teacher says that you go 30 times before you call it a failure!!
Lily's preschool sounds like they are just wonderful.

Lily's Mom

Re: [Life is Bliss - Lilys Cochlear Implant Journey] Carolyn submitted a comment to First Day of School

Thanks Carolyn! Sounds like our daughters are the same age. A playgroup sounds like a great activity.

Observed Lilys preschool this morning through their two-way mirrors. She seemed a little shy about engaging with the other kids, but had no problem letting the teachers know what she wanted to play. Were also using the FM for the first time and that seems to be going well. Lily didnt miss anything when the teacher was talking in the circle. What a journey. Ill check out your blog.

Lilys Mom

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