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November 17, 2010


Annie (SLP)

Hi there, I'm an SLP, and when I was at the ASHA convention last week, I stopped at the vendor booths to chat with both Phonak and AB. The Phonak people wouldn't say a thing about future developments.

The AB people said they have new things on the horizon that they can't say... but I didn't give up that easily. They went on to say that Phonak is helping them build a smaller BTE processor. The integrated processor/FM will probably not be the next generation processor but the one after. Hm, I didn't think to ask if that meant the BTE or the bodyworn, if one might have integrated FM before the other. Anyway, just thought I'd share that very UNofficial info. :)

Phonak's hearing aids are beautiful and small for being as powerful as they are--can't wait to see what they can do with those big old AB BTE processors!

Lily's Mom

Thanks Annie. I think in the next generation BTE CIs we are going to see some amazing things, especially in the new Phonak involved CI. I doubt there will be a lot of focus on the BWP, but I love it so. The changes can't come quick enough. We are hoping for a new generation CI for LIly as we transfer from the BWP to a BTE. Great to compare notes!

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