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October 24, 2011


Evelyn Gardner

I loved seeing Miss Lily Bliss a couple of years ago and marveled at her. Seeing the recent video reminded me why she captured my heart. The miracle of getting cochlear implants changed her life forever. I know that sweet Lily has achieved her ability to hear because she has the most loving and devoted parents and specialists that work with her. Big hugs to you all.


Two words to describe Lily: Inspirational Angel!

She is such a lucky child to have amazing parents and specialists, who together have helped her achieve the wonderful gift of hearing. :)


Such a strong cutie! Wish her the best and only the best! Tell Lily these words from me: YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION! :*

Thanks for sharing this :)

Lily's Mom

Thanks for the kind notes!


Truly inspirational.. my son is 15 months into his hearing journey. Watching these videos shows what possibilities he may have.
well done Lily

Lily's Mom

Re: [Life is Bliss - Lilys Cochlear Implant Journey] sarah submitted a comment to Videos: Lilys language development 9-48 months

Thanks Sarah! I used to watch every kid video I could find. It was proof to me that things would work. I posted all these videos to give hope to new families and to provide examples of how to talk your head off :). I am glad you enjoyed them.

Lilys Mom

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