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July 18, 2012


Missy S

I sat in that sports talk at AG Bell. They said that Adidas makes an adjustable helmet that forms around the head and works well. I guess you tighten it after it is put on. We will have to start looking to locate it! Better yet, maybe we should start contacting bike helmet companies to just make one for CI users...I'll get on that! ;)

Lily's Mom

There is a CI football helmet so I dont know why this wouldnt be a great product as well. Get on it. Ill look for the Adidas helmet. We now have a skateboard helmet

Drew's Mom

We went to a professional bike store and purchased an adjustable helmet. They had a bunch of different ones and we just tried them on until we found one that worked.

Lily's Mom

We did this but must of been the wrong store with limited
Options. They all seemed to have the hard foam where the implants are


Helmets are for nerds. Let those who ride decide! ;-)

Lily's Mom

Good suggestion ;)


This is old, but here is a link to the custom helmets:

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