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July 23, 2012



It was a great week. However, I'm writing my Senators to introduce legislation immediately to officially change the name of the great state of Florida to 'Line' because you're in one all of the time.

Seriously - I learned a great deal. Your average observer may not be fully aware of the impact of water-proof CIs. Watching Lily in Orlando showed me just how much of a game-changer they are.

Think about all of those little areas of the theme park where water or mist shoots out of statues, pipes and rides unexpectedly... rides in which water is an important part, etc.

It's not just about swimming. It's running through sprinklers, stomping in puddles, surviving a sudden downpour and so much more than we can anticipate.

Thanks again.

Lily's Mom

Thanks for saying all of that. Yes its a game changer. I know weve only had the Neptunes for 5 months but now I cant remember life without them. Ahhhhh


I bet Lily had an amazing time in the water. She's such a fish. Great family pictures.

Lily's Mom

Thanks Jennifer. Love your blog. Hannah is a doll!

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