Kids Books featuring CIs and Hearing Aids

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September 05, 2012


debra placek

sometimes this world makes me infinitely hopeful!

Paul Johnson

No way! Vivian got hers over the weekend, too! It was the first time she got an AG doll to begin with. She wasn't too excited about the hearing aid option at first, but her cousins said DO IT! She loves it, now.

Lily's Mom

Thats fabulous. I wish everyone could pick up hearing aids in the hair salon.

Lily's Mom

Yeah pretty special. Or being cynical, companies are finally realizing there is an untapped market here.


This is SO awesome!!!!!!

Lily's Mom



Build-a-bear have a hearing aid accessory for their toys too. I love that fact that these companies are doing a little bit to make kids feel better about themselves.

Lily's Mom

Thats right. Thanks Build a bear. And the build a bear clothes fit the Advanced bionic monkeys.

Sally Johnson

I like hearing about this kind of stuff! It makes me feel good about the world. I wonder if hearing aids in naples tries to help kids in this way. I think everyone should be willing to help the kids.

Brittany C

wow I wear a hearing aid and if i had a doll who wore one as a child I would of worn my hearing aid more often instead of listening to what other children said. this is a big inspiration to children who are death or Hard of Hearing.

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