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January 17, 2014


Brian Hunt

Hello Lily and family,

My name is Brian Hunt.

I'm writing to say "thank you" for keeping this blog.

Our daughter Hailey Hunt was born on November 5, 2013. We recently learned she has severe/profound hearing loss. We just got her little hearing aids… and we are on the "CI journey" with the University of Miami (we live about an hour north of there).

I can't remember for sure how we found your blog… but we are SO GLAD we did. Your videos are such an inspiration. Your written posts are great. They give us such hope for the future.

I'm originally from Iowa. I went to high school in Bedford… which is close to Nebraska. We used to be neighbors!

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks. Lily is beautiful. She is an inspiration. I hope we can meet and talk someday. You guys give us such hope… you've done such a great job. We are going for early implantation… and we are going to talk and talk and talk and talk to our little girl.

You guys are members of our growing "coaching staff." What you are doing is GREAT.


Brian and Christine and Hailey Hunt

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